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This short documentary is a reportage shot in Maldives, thanks to the support of Bicocca University, Milan, and of CDE Consulting, Republic of Maldives.
Our aim is to draw attention on the increasing problem of waste in this fragile and unique ecosystem.
We’ve asked to experts, of Maldives and environment, to describe us the waste management, the actual methods used to contain the problem and the propositions to solve it in the impending future.


Maldives are formed by 1.190 coral islands, between Arabian sea and Laccadive sea: there’s no place to build a modern garbage dump, as you can more easily do in a larger territory. Every day from Malé a lot of of trucks go to Thilafushi island to dump tons of garbage. After burning it, garbage is thrown into the sea. For about 100 men from Bangladesh this is a very hard job. The biologist Professor Paolo Galli from Milano Bicocca University and cde.cosulting are studying how to get a solution for garbage disposal. In the last 10 years, the increasing number of tourists and of general consumerism have developed tons of waste. These images are the TEASER of a work-in-progress documentary: our aim is making people discuss and find a solution, and not criticizing what Maldivian government is doing (or not doing) about it.

These images were shot with the help of Giulio Pedretti, my partner in this project, and with the support of Paolo Galli and Bicocca University, which have created a research outpost center on Magoodhoo island (Fafoo Atoll) where biologists and students can study the ocean bed.

Traditional tuna Fishing methods used in Maldives is unique and these dolphin-friendly methods of fishing is only practiced in Maldives, nowherelse in the world.